What we do


We simplify the programmatic media

We know the enormous importance of programmatic media for publishers and we have mastered this technology.

We simplify the entire process so you can focus on producing quality content - and get the most out of it.

Our team is fully focused on increasing the monetization of our customers.

How we do

We outline individual strategies for each publisher we serve, implementing new features based on the data collected and the latest technology in programmatic media.

We look at the whole - the current situation of the site and the potential it has to profit more!

We propose relevant and high-level changes, and help the partner to manage these tools, transforming a complex task into something much simpler.

We work closely and individually with our publishers because we understand that each has different challenges to overcome. We adopt effective and efficient operational models to generate expressive results for our customers.


Scalability and customization

Although the number of publishers served is increasing, we continue to pay attention to the particularities of each client to offer the best service and the best monetization solutions for each case.

We value transparency and personal contact.

Personalized service

Our developers work closely with our business teams to ensure that our technology is always exceeding the expectations of our publishers.

For whom we do

Our focus is on serving publishers who have over 5 million monthly pageviews.

We serve more than 180 companies across the Brazilian territory with consultancies, strategic partnerships and all operational support.

Premium Programmatic is keen to maintain an open, transparent and direct relationship with each of the publishers we serve.

We work to identify opportunities for innovation and the application of new trends that help our clients to profit more. We measure our success by the success of our customers.

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