Video monetization

The best strategy for increasing revenue

Video formats monetization

Video formats are everywhere: smartphones, tablets, desktops, smart TVs, and more.

Video format campaigns have proven to be an increasingly efficient strategy for branding and increasing revenue - and advertisers know that.

According to Comscore, approximately 91% of users watch online videos every day. Premium Programmatic believes in the potential of video format ads to optimize your earnings from programmatic media, using data intelligence.

High viewbility rates

Video Slider Formats

Generating 60% to 70% more video impressions than other ad formats

Video Slider

It is a new video format for publishers that is positioned in the right corner of the website and can be inserted on any page. This format can be used by all publishers and has significantly higher results than pre-roll and outstream ads, generating 60 to 70% more video impressions than other ad formats.

Video Slider is 100% compatible with your inventory on both mobile and desktop and is highly attractive to brands and advertisers because it appears throughout the user's scrolling on the site. The result: high rates of viewability.

This new video format is dominating the programmatic media sector because it has a number of advantages, including:

  • Automatic playback without sound (less intrusive to the user)
  • Does not cover site content
  • Easy to integrate
  • Compatibility with Google policies
  • Compatibility with any other type of monetization on your site
The most modern technology on the market

Outstream Video Formats

Aimed at sites that have most of their content in text with a high volume of pageviews

Video Outstream

The “outstream” ads are video ads that use the most modern technology on the market, aimed at sites that have most of their text content with a high volume of pageviews.

It is the way in which the creative digital advertising market found to make money with video on sites that do not have content in this format for the insertion of pre-roll advertising, as with videos on YouTube for example.

With outstream videos, advertisers who prefer this type of communication channel can access content sites easily, with high impact and visibility.

The ad appears between the paragraphs of the articles, both on desktop and mobile, without occupying additional advertising spaces that you already have today, bringing extra revenue.

In addition, it has a clean, discreet, elegant, and non-intrusive display.

As with display advertising, our partnership in video outstream will bring all local and foreign advertiser demands interested in advertising in the format on Brazilian content sites.

  • All of your internal pages with written content, desktop, and mobile, are eligible to run outstream video campaigns
  • It does not run on home pages
  • The ad starts running only if the user scrolls the page to the middle of the text and is, in fact, reading the article, without harming the experience
  • Video audio is only triggered if the ad is entirely in the viewport of the user's screen
  • If the user scrolls the page and the video leaves the field of view, the audio is automatically interrupted
  • After triggering, the ad remains open in the middle of the text, muted and on a static screen, regardless of whether the user saw the video until the end or not
Effective to draw attention and valued by advertisers

Instream Video Formats

Instream is present in videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and many content sites

Video Instream

Instream videos are ads that appear embedded in content videos.

With a duration of 5 to 30 seconds, it is an excellent format for the advertiser who wants to convey longer and more complex messages with the same visual impact as television, but with thousands of opportunities for audience segmentation and result tracking that only digital media offers.

Instream is present in videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and on many content sites. It is that “commercial”, which may or may not be skipped, and which appears before, after, or even in the middle of the video that the user is going to watch.

Premium Programmatic has extensive experience in serving in-stream video ads with high-quality partners, aligning brands' desire with publisher content, and offering the opportunity to generate longer views.

  • Effective to draw attention
  • Valued by advertisers
  • Higher cost than other types of publication
  • Best format to ensure that the video ad is completely viewed

The video ad is named after the position it is displayed.

See examples of these formats below:


Ad displayed before the beginning of the video. It is the position that generates a high level of attention and greater user engagement.

Video link


Displayed in the middle of the content. It is a short spot that appears as an advertising cut while the user is watching video content, obtaining a high level of attention and generating great impact.
Video link


Displayed at the end of the video, it is very effective since the user chooses to watch it and, therefore, pays close attention, being open to new content.
Video link