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Meet the Taboola

Increase programmatic revenue by up to 40% with sponsored content modules in partnership with Taboola, the world leader in native advertising.

We use the advertiser demand and Taboola technology as one of the billing sources for Premium customers, integrated with our other services.

We choose the best products available according to the profile of each publisher and assume all technical responsibilities for implementing, supporting and optimizing recipes on a daily basis.


Revenue Per Click

With much higher clickthrough rates than banner ads, payment occurs with each click on the Taboola content modules
originated on your site.

Financial terms

Due to the size of our network of publishers, we offer better financial terms of revenue sharing than the market in general, generating value for the sites that use Taboola under our management.

Fast and one-time payment

Payment occurs integrated with the other Premium services, on a single invoice, within 28 days after the closing of the previous month.

Integrated Publisher Dashboard

Facilitate the management of your programmatic recipes by following Taboola's recipes directly on the Premium dashboard.

Fantastic implementation and support

We do everything: we implement Taboola monetization, optimize and monitor the results. Focus your support demands with Premium and facilitate your management.


Within 48 hours we activate the sponsored content modules in the best formats and positions on your site.