Rewarded Ads

Short videos that reward users who watch

Common in apps, Rewarded Ads are coming on the mobile web

Rewarded Ads are a way to allow users to voluntarily choose to watch a video ad in exchange for a reward.

This format, originally available only in apps, is now compatible with mobile web and increases the publisher's monetization opportunities, maximizing their ad revenue.

How it works

The Rewarded Ad is a short, non-intrusive video that creates an exchange of value between a publisher and a user. That is, the user spends his time watching an ad in exchange for a reward.

Examples of rewards include unlocking 3 news articles, getting 10 coins or an extra life in a game, getting Wi-Fi access at an airport, etc.

This format originated from mobile app, where publishers could use this format to increase ad revenue, user retention, and in-app purchases.

Main benefits

User choice

It gives the user the power to make a conscious choice: watch the ad in exchange for the reward or pay for the product/service

High performance

High engagement of those who accept to consume the ad in exchange for the prize offered on the platform

Monetization option

Previously restricted to apps and games, it is seen today as a much greater potential to replace the so-called paywall

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