We are experts in operating Google Ad Manager

Google's free, full-featured ad server is an essential tool for managing direct campaigns.

However, handling the platform is not for everyone, as the level of complexity is high.

For many publishers, it makes more sense to outsource this digital OPEC operation and focus commercial resources on sales or other activities.

We program and manage your direct campaigns

The value of a direct campaign is far more attractive than that paid by traditional programmatic media and we know the importance of this revenue for each of our publishers >. Our team of specialists works in all stages of managing your campaigns: configuration, optimization and delivery of reports.


According to the briefing, we set up campaigns based on the placement period, placement, delivery priority, audience segmentation and inventory occupation, and we use advanced Google Ad Manager tools that allow better use of unused impressions for inventory programmatic media.


We directly monitor the campaign, monitoring metrics and indicators, such as the click-through rate (CTR), delivery speed and bug fixes, thus ensuring compliance with the rules indicated by the advertiser and avoiding bonuses for delivery errors and other possible problems.


We create unlimited reports for the publisher or advertiser with detailed metrics validated by the ad server, guaranteeing the payment of PIs. Note: We do not take daily prints of ads for public agency campaigns.

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