Monetization for apps

Increase your app's revenue

Expand the possibilities of billing in your app with Premium

Applications represent an important source of traffic and audience for many publishers. However, most of them don't know how to make money from these apps.

Google AdMob (tool equivalent to Google AdSense) is the choice of most publishers for app monetization. However, this platform is insufficient to provide satisfactory results and befitting the size of many applications.

In other words: publishers are leaving money on the table.

Premium solves this problem by implementing modern technologies, optimizing your app, and implementing new monetization formats with Google Ad Exchange.

Benefits of monetizing your app with Premium

Increase in revenue

Expand your billing possibilities and start using more profitable monetization sources for your mobile app

Increased competition

We connect your app with more than 20 programmatic networks from Brazil, USA and Europe, increasing competition for your inventory

Header Bidding

We have implemented this set of technologies that revolutionizes auctions for the purchase and sale of digital advertising

Various formats

We offer a wide range of ad formats, such as video and reward, to get the best results from your app

Raising the level

Why isn't Google AdMob enough?

Like Google AdSense, Google AdMob is an excellent tool for anyone who is starting to understand digital advertising and is thinking about monetizing their app.

However, large publishers do not use Google AdSense to guarantee high advertising returns for their portals and blogs. They need a more robust tool, a customizable and scalable solution. The same logic can be applied to Google AdMob.

Publishers looking to make money need to have access to Google Ad Exchange (AdX), the largest monetization platform used by large publishers. As certified Google partners, we are able to offer this tool to our customers.

So, if you want to get the most out of your app, you need to have a solution that can see your app in a unique way and design the best monetization strategy for it. That's what Premium does.

Varied and special formats

We expand the possibilities for monetizing your app with modern ad formats.

Video ads

We offer three video ad formats (slider, instream and outstream) integrated into a single tag, facilitating management and enabling optimal monetization results for this format

Rewarded ads

Rewarded ads represent a very common modality in games and other categories of apps. With Premium, you will be able to take full advantage of this format without jeopardizing the users' experience

Cutting-edge technology in your app

Understand how Header Bidding works

In the traditional programmatic media negotiation format, a website's advertising spaces are negotiated in a cascade model. That is, the bid for an ad network is only taken into account when the previous bid is declined. This means that the "best bid" may not be considered in the auction.

With the Header Bidding strategy, also known as pre-bidding, we have a revolution in the way auctions for the purchase and sale of digital advertising are carried out. Instead of the waterfall model, this technology uses a horizontal approach, connecting multiple ad exchanges at the same time in a unified auction.

Thus, digital advertising buyers compete with each other at the same time in a single auction, prioritizing those who offer the highest bid. In this way, the publisher can be sure that he will be negotiating his inventory at the best possible price.

This technology is fully available for applications and can significantly improve the profitability of your app.

Premium monetizes various types of apps

Native apps

Applications built with proprietary technologies from operating system manufacturers

Hybrid apps

Multiplatform applications (Android and iOS) created with technologies such as Xamarin and similar

Webapps (PWA)

Applications designed to run as web pages (PWA or Progressive Web Pages) directly in the browser