Interstitial Ads

Efficient monetization format

Modern and mobile friendly ads

Monetization in mobile apps and web pages has evolved a lot in recent years. More and more new formats are created, helping to bring the balance between advertising and content.

And those who think that there would be no way to monetize access to apps or mobile pages are mistaken. Interstitial Ads are a new advertising format with good potential to increase revenue and that does not detract from the browsing experience.

Interstitial formats were created by Google and offer a number of advantages for publishers. Premium works with this format and makes it an excellent alternative for its partners.

Anúncios Intersticiais
Focus on user experience

Understand how interstitial ads work

With a focus on mobile devices, interstitials are ads that are shown to users in the transition from one content to another. In practice, these ads only appear after the first pageview and before the second, blocking some or all of the content from being viewed.

A good example of application are interstitials that appear as a change of web page or a level up in a game (very common in apps of the genre).

It is important not to confuse it with the pop-up, a format that has generated a lot of negative repercussions in the past and still generates disgust on the part of users. As it is a proprietary Google format, there are guidelines that need to be followed for the correct implementation of these ads.

Benefits of Interstitial Ads

Increase in revenue

The format does not use existing ad units, resulting in an increase in inventory and a consequent incremental increase in revenue

High CPMs

Of limited use, its demand is high, which results in high CPMs and banners with 100% visibility (will only be printed with an ad)

Low maintenance

Além de ser fácil de implementar, os Intersticiais não demandam grandes esforços de manutenção para continuarem funcionando

Focus on experience

Interstitial Ads focuses on the user’s browsing experience, offering a balance between advertising and content

Raising the level

Are Interstitial Ads for me?

To find out if Interstitial Ads are right for your needs, you need to think about the usage flow. This new format from Google is suitable for applications and web pages that offer the user a linear experience.

This means that the starting point and the ending point at the time of use are very clear. An app that focuses on a specific feature - like a flashlight app, for example - can't take much advantage of interstitials.

When implementing this format, you need to make sure that the banner will complement the natural flow of user engagement, without surprising, impairing the experience with excessive advertising or disrupting the use of the application or page. It should also be noted that the ad cannot encourage accidental clicks.

Aligned with Coalition For Better Ads

Interstitial Ads are aligned with Coalition For Better Ads, an initiative by major technology companies to promote a more user-friendly digital advertising ecosystem.

Anúncios Intersticiais