Display monetization

Most efficient formats

Ads that best complement your page

We manage your remaining inventory from direct sales and plug major media buying platforms

IAB, Coalition for Better Ads, and Google

We only work with non-intrusive ads, accepted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Coalition for Better Ads, and under Google's online advertising policies and major programmatic advertising networks.

We do not use pop-ups, interstitials, and other advertising formats that break the user's experience.

Basic displays

300x250 pixels

Application: Desktop and Mobile
  • The 300x250 pixel format (medium rectangle) is essential, one of the most common formats on the network.
  • Integrates well with the content.
  • It is placed at the top of your site (above the fold), increasing the visibility rate.
300x250 - desktop e mobile

300x600 pixels

Application: Desktop
  • The 300x600 pixel format (splitscreen) is popular and striking.
  • Usually arranged to the right or left of the page and provides good visibility.

970x250 pixels

Application: Desktop
  • This 970x250 pixel (widescreen) format is increasingly popular with advertisers.
  • It is placed at the top of your website.

970x90 pixels

Application: Desktop
  • The 970x90 pixel format (superbanner) provides a lot of visibility.
  • They are usually placed at the top of the page.

Sticky special

Desktop - fixed footer
Mobile - fixed top or bottom
  • Innovative and non-intrusive, sticky formats are automatically positioned in the footer or header of your website, without covering any content.
Banner sticky - desktop e mobile

Side special

Desktop - high resolution monitors
  • Ideal display format for desktop and monitors with high resolution.
Banner Lateral - desktop


Application: Desktop and Mobile
  • Technology used by the New York Times and G1.
  • Monetize longer articles better, with dynamic insertion of a banner to each user's “screen” (viewport) during scrolling.
  • Ratio between content and constant advertising.
  • Unique and dynamic script.
  • Adhering to Google's advertising rules.
Intext - desktop e mobile