Direct deals

Increase your revenue with our exclusive Deals

By integrating more than 20 different demands from advertisers, networks and advertising agencies, our clients are liable to programmatic Deals and direct campaigns with more advantageous CPMs than those of the traditional Open Auction.

We have trade representatives in São Paulo to negotiate with major agencies and advertisers. The result of Deals and direct campaigns is exclusive revenue (not available in other competing networks) and gross CPMs between R$ 5.00 and R$ 15.00.

Delivery takes place over a network via Google Ad Exchange / DV 360 programmatic platforms and the like. Deals and direct campaigns represent a growing market, with total revenue expected to rise in the coming years.

We work in an agnostic and integrated way with the main generators of direct campaigns in the market.


Advantages of Direct Campaigns

Dedicated Commercial Team

We have a competent and dedicated internal team to seek the best campaigns and direct negotiations.

Network Sale

With 180 publishers in our network, we close preferential deals with advertisers in search of very specific audiences for the best possible results.

Google Audience Segments

We have the world's leading data marketplace to boost the results of our customers' Deals and direct campaigns.

Deals Platforms

Premium's network is available on the main programmatic channels in the market, generating more options for advertisers to close their campaigns: Google Ad Exchange, Rubicon Project, Xandr, and Verizon/Aol.

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