Create and monetize your AMP pages in 72 hours!

The open-source project AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages - enables the creation of ultra-fast loading mobile pages.

AMP pages have an average CPM 30% higher than mobile and work with any type of website, including non-WordPress. With AMP, you can also monetize with display ads and video outstream.

Among the many benefits of adopting this technology, one deserves mention: the AMP pages are preferred in Google's search engine ranking.

Most Brazilian publishers that have implemented the technology have increased their total mobile audience by 10 to 40%, generating more advertising impressions and revenue.

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Don't have active AMP pages yet?

We fix this problem and take this technology to your users!

Our team creates AMP pages identical to your mobile version, sets up ad tags, and, in 72 hours, your website will be ready for the audience and revenue growth that this technology provides.

We follow all the technical guidelines of the project available on the official website. Creating pages with this technology is complex. Keeping them working properly and being indexed by Google is even more difficult.

Any minimal change in your code, such as titles in the wrong place, broken links, images not found, among other small details can bring down an AMP page.

Normally, depending on the complexity of your site, creating an AMP version of your pages can cost up to R$ 5,000. But if your AMP pages are monetized with Premium's partnership, this work is free, at no cost to you!

We have a team of specialists who manually create the AMP version of your mobile web pages and monitor the performance of these pages on Google on a daily basis.

This manual process gives us total quality control of the result and ensures that pages with this technology are always well positioned in Google searches.

Our solution does not use any plugins and comes into action quickly, without errors. It works with any type of website, whether WordPress or not.

There is no minimum period of stay in our partnership. You can cancel whenever you want, without any risk or penalty.

Publishers with AMP pages that are already active

If you already have pages in this format, we can only enable monetization on your current pages.

However, to avoid bugs and periodic updates, we can also create your AMP pages from scratch using our technology.

Without any commitment, test our monetization strength and compare the results with your other AMP revenue sources.

What to expect

Mobile audience migration to AMP

Due to the importance and priority given by Google in the search results to AMP pages, once activated, part of the classic mobile audience will shift to the pages with this technology.

Total audience increase (mobile + AMP)

With a better ranking on Google, the publisher's total mobile audience (mobile + AMP) is expected to increase between 10 and 40%. The exact number varies widely from site to site, depending on the news segment and previous audience participation via organic access.

Revenue increase (with more audience)

Larger audience generates more pageviews and ad impressions - and this increases your advertising revenue! But for this, it is important that AMP monetization is set to its maximum potential.