Ad Block Recovery

Creating quality content is expensive

More than 10% of your audience access your content using ad blockers.

It's time to counterattack with Ad Block Recovery!

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How Ad Block Recovery works

Step 1

Through our own WordPress plugin, we activate Ad Block Recovery on your site. From that moment on, all users who have any of the four most popular AdBlocks on the market active in their browsers will have access to their website blocked.

Step 2

The user will receive a customized pop-up message highlighting the importance of advertising revenue so that the site can produce quality content and inviting the user to disable AdBlock to continue browsing.

Step 3

The user interested in deactivating AdBlock can follow a tutorial, in the pop-up itself, with detailed instructions for releasing access.

Step 4

Those users who choose not to disable AdBlock will not have access to the website's content.

Step 5

Users who disable AdBlock will have normal access to the content on the site, including displaying ads.

Step 6

Track the statistics of your audience impacted by Ad Block Recovery, including: volume of users with active AdBlocks, users impacted by the pop-up, users who disabled AdBlock and recovered users.

What to expect

User recovery between 20 to 40%

Between 20 to 40% of users with active ad blockers will disable the feature after the pop-up appears. The number depends on the niche and profile of your audience.

Revenue increase

Users who disable the ad blocking tool will be impacted by advertising, generating increased revenue.

Audience increase

The Google Analytics script is usually hampered by the ad blocker. That is, this audience is not even counted by the tool. The volume of users recovered will be counted as a new audience in Google Analytics, increasing the final numbers.

Valuation of content

Value your brand and your content in the market by standing firmly in front of users who are not willing to collaborate with monetizing the site and maintaining dozens of jobs.