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Uncomplicating programmatic media since 2016

Born in 2016, Premium Programmatic is a programmatic media agency and publisher support.

We are the only company in Brazil with Google Publishing Partner and Prebid Verified Partner certifications, which attests to the quality of our services.

Our goal is to simplify programmatic media, making the most of our partners' quality content. For this, we constantly invest in proximity to the publishers we serve, answering all their questions, offering the necessary support and making your monetization results grow. In this way, we help each of our customers to achieve their goals.

We are specialists in monetization via connections with more than 20 national and international demands, including the Google Ad Exchange.


You create an amazing content.
We maximize your income.

Premium Programmatic exists to help our partners increase their advertising income while they create quality content.

Our team of specialists offers to our publishers the best in programmatic media and exclusive relationships with brands and advertisers. We also strive to improve the user experience and ensure the integrity and stability of the partner website.

After all, we've already been on the other side. Our founders have worked for years as publishers and that is why we know the challenges up close and we believe that partners should be well paid for the services they provide to their users.

We add value by bringing the best solutions in programmatic media to life by integrating, optimizing and supporting publishers. We work closely with our partners to identify new opportunities and offer the best experience.

Our team

Highly qualified team of experts

We know that the internet is an environment of rapid and constant changes, and that is why we seek continuous improvement of our skills to make our clients' revenues grow.

We are a young company, with a highly qualified team formed by specialists in programmatic media, developers, data analysts and commercial executives, all hungry for new ideas and innovations in technology that can benefit our customers.

We invest in the training and development of our collaborators to offer to publishers an excellent service.

Isabela Esteves

Head of Sales e Customer Success

Adriano Abreu

Head of Adops e Customer Success

Eduardo Harada

Head of Marketing

Gabrielle Akemi

Head of People and Culture

Claudinei Oliveira

Head of Finance

Rafael Schindler

Customer Success

Laiz Toledo

Business Intelligence Analyst

Aline Almeida

Ad Trafficker

Gustavo Barretto

Customer Success

Rebecca Okubo

Customer Success

Eduardo Carvalho

Technical Support

Alexandre Maciel

Technical Support

João Correia

Sales Trainee

Lucas Comino

Technical account manager

Neemias Ferreira

Technical account manager

Pablo Rocha

Lead App Developer

Lucas Moreira

Lead Web Developer

Luan Duarte

Web Developer

Suzi Valencio

Finance Analyst
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